First Oktoberfest Committee Meeting Feb. 27th

Oktoberfest is Underway!
Taking stock of what we already have and deciding what we still need is one of the most important topics. We will start the wheels turning at 7:30, Feb. 27th. Try to make it as we do need your help. Surely you have some ideas of what you would like to see this year. That’s where you can help us out. Your input is very important. Don’t feel those of us who have been doing this for the last several years have all the answers. We don’t! What we need is fresh ideas. And that is where you come in. Mark ‘Oktoberfest Planning Meeting’ on your calendar and help us do a little brainstorming. If there is something you would like to see at your Oktoberfest, bring your ideas down and we will discuss them. Also, it may give you a chance to latch onto that really fun job at the Oktober-fest before somebody else does.


Oktoberfest 2014 will take place again at German Park.  One weekend only, but four days long.  Hours are as follows:

Thursday*, September 5, 4pm-10pm
Friday, September 6, 4pm-11pm
Saturday, September 7, 4pm-11pm
Sunday, September 8, 4pm-9pm
*Thursday will be $5 carload day

COST – Admission is $5.00. Children 12 and under get in free! German-American Klub members get into Oktoberfest at no charge. Actually, members of ANY German Organization get in free. Just show your membership card at the gate. One admission per card.  Dogs (with the exception of service dogs) are NOT allowed.

Male German Trumpet Player Clipart2014 ENTERTAINMENT

WHAT IS OKTOBERFEST? Originally, it was a celebration of the royal marriage on 12 October, 1810 of Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. To learn more visit this wiki.


276437_168063099942824_1181875189_nIf there’s one song you’re sure to hear
at Oktoberfest, its this one:

“Ein Prosit ” (with beer stein or glass in hand)
A Salute to Your Health or Well-being!

               Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemütlichkeit
               Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemütlichkeit
               (Cheer!) Eins, zwei, drei, g’suffa!

               Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke,
               hoi, hoi, hoi
               Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke,
               hoi, hoi, hoi
               Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke,
               hoi, hoi, hoi