German Language Classes

Sprechen Sie deutsch? Noch nicht? Es kommt!

German Language Class in Session

Last night, April 27th, the current session of our German Language classes came to an end. School will be closed for the Summer and will probably resume shortly after the Oktoberfest. Keep your eye on this page for further developments.

We are quite excited to announce the return of Janet Price as our instructor. She is a retired language teacher lastly from Roncalli High School. The cost of the classes is still $5.00 per person per class, payable at the start of each class. There is no long term cash outlay in advance.

Classes are structured for everyone from the rank beginner to those who are almost fluent and just need to brush up on their language skills. Classes are designed for one hour sessions, but they will frequently run past 8:00 when the interest is running high.

You do not need to make reservations for this class; just show up with a notebook and pen or pencil… and a five dollar bill. No problem should you have to miss a class. You can always catch up on the next Thursday. And, NO, you do not have to pay for any classes you might miss.

Some of the folks arrive early; any time after 5:00 P.M. and have dinner in the fabulous Edelweiss Restaurant before class. This gives you the opportunity to get to know others in the class and maybe even get some language hints from other folks in the class.

So looking forward to seeing you in the Fall.