New Year’s Eve at the Edelweiss

Celebrate Responsibly!

Celebrate Responsibly!

How about a tame New Year’s Party

For New Year’s Eve, we’re going to do something a little different. Rather than have a big New Year’s party, we’re going to keep things low key. So whether you’re not a partier, have to work the next day, or don’t want to stay up late, come down to the Edelweiss at the German American Klub and enjoy a fantastic meal! We’ll be having a buffet so you can push the limits before your resolutions are even made!

On the menu….Pork Au Gratin, Cabbage Rolls, Reuben Casserole and Sausage with Kraut. For sides – Käse Spaetzle, German Potato Salad, Green Beans, Black Eyed Peas and plenty of cold salads. Enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne as you dine or some of our great bier specials!

Since we’ll be wrapping things up at 9 pm, you’ll be free to go to a party, watch the ball drop, or just make it to the recliner and snooze.

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